About Us


Our mission is to listen to, partner with, and work together for children with serious illnesses and all those who care for them.

We fulfill our mission by collaborating with our Family Advisory Council (FAC), public policy committee, provider network, and California’s Department of Health Care Services.


We believe that all children with life-threatening conditions should have access to the care and emotional support they need to live life as fully as possible.

CHPCC envisions a healthcare system that

  • ensures the best possible quality of life for seriously ill children
  • promotes payment systems that cover the cost of care
  • builds the case for community-based palliative care through research
  • educates professional caregivers
  • honors families as experts in their child’s care

Who We Represent

CHPCC represents children, parents, families, and health care providers in our collaboration with community leaders, government officials, legislators, and social advocates, to improve healthcare systems. Our success is particularly vital to the more than 17,000 low-income families in California whose children have been diagnosed with life-threatening conditions such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy. The programs we create and policies we advocate for not only benefit the children, but also the families who love and care for them.

What We Do

History has shown us that the current medical system often overlooks the care and emotional support of children with chronic, complex medical conditions and their families. It’s time for that to change.  Read More

Our History

Since 2001, CHPCC has spearheaded the development of pilot programs that impact communities throughout California. These programs serve as a national model for recent health care reform both in terms of delivery and payment systems.

Founded by Devon Dabbs and Lori Butterworth  the original leaders of CHPCC set out to change the healthcare landscape for children suffering from chronic and life threatening illnesses. CHPCC’s pioneering, grassroots efforts led to the passage of the Nick Snow Children’s Hospice & Palliative Care Act of 2006, a precursor to the Benefit.

CHPCC also developed and implemented model programs to demonstrate and study the effectiveness of community-base care for children and created a multilingual web resource to support caregiving and bereaved parents,

In just a decade of existence, CHPCC has blazed a new, better path for children in medical crisis and emerged as an award-winning advocate and nationally recognized leader for socially responsible healthcare.


The programs and policies proposed by CHPCC deliver a higher quality of satisfaction among families caring for children with complex medical conditions and are designed to streamline services, thus saving taxpayer dollars and minimizing government spending for healthcare. When you donate to Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition, you can trust that the majority of your contribution goes toward reaching our goals and not toward administrative costs.